Coaching for Managers, Couples, and Teams

Whether it's professional or private issues, Strategic Coaching will increase your flexibility and vitality. It is based on the blueprint of our psyche and opens up a particular space for emotions. Modern neurobiological research has shown: without emotion, we are neither capable of making decisions nor acting. We all have a large amount of "emotional capital." It's a gift of evolution, but we use it far too little – and certainly not in a systematic way. This is where strategic coaching can support you.



Are you already working with embodiment techniques and want to deepen your knowledge? Or do you want to expand your range of methods, because you can't really get on with your previous treatment repertoire? Supervision in individual and group setting can help you with this.



For your personal development and the development of your coaching or therapist profession, for burnout prophylaxis or for tapping into more vitality in everyday work, you can support yourself with individual self-experience. This is also the best way to deepen your knowledge of embodiment techniques and to integrate them smoothly  in your own way of work.


Lectures and workshop

The consistent work with embodiment techniques opens up a new horizon in counseling, coaching, and psychotherapy. The best way to get to know them is at a lecture or workshop with case presentation and demonstration of the method.

For courses and training on embodiment, please contact my affiliation at Embodiment Resources Academy


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